How to start tunnel farming

How to start tunnel farming in pakistan

There is a huge demand of vegetables all year around. Prices are at the top at the start and end of the season. Farmers can get high returns on different crops if modern techniques are applied to grow off-season crops in Pakistan.  It’s important to know that how to start a tunnel farming in Pakistan so the business can be expended even in off season period.

Tunnel farming is a wide-ranging source of high yield and early production at the fast speed. First of all, you have to design tunnel shape in hut like structure, land also matter that which type of land you are taking for farming, it’s necessary to select  those type of land where trees are in limited edition because  access of trees keep vegetables far from sunlight. Our experts of agribusiness Pakistan give emphasis on hut like structure which also known by D shape. For D shape one kanal land expense will be 160000 PKR and for V shape 180000 PKR.

For this, you have to construct 24 feet high and 210 feet wide and height 10 feet tunnel made up of steel. This type of tunnel is appropriate for the high yield of cucumbers, tomato and bitter ground. Due to its height and width, it is easy for soil grounding, spraying and picking

Before planting of seeds, you must check the quality of soil and water level. The growing media is covered with black polythene plastic sheath with holes at the same distances. GI pipe structure sawa inches 42 and half inches pipe,

In Pakistan, summer crops are planted in December to February. Thus temperature is improved in these tunnels by maximum absorption of sun light with the help of polythene sheets.  The plastic covering of tunnel protects the plants from rodents and insecticides. However, pesticide spray is done after specific interval to keep away from any damage to crop yield. In tunnel farming, water loss is reduced because of proscribed temperature.

Total paid amount per kanal will be 160000 PKR. For further information contact us on given number.

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