Hybrid seeds available in Pakistan

We have an original seeds of hybrid available in Pakistan from the company Syngenta.  Hybrids usually produce higher yields. They generally mature earlier and more uniformly. Many hybrids have better fruits and vegetables quality yields. With all of these advantages, many farmers prefer to sow hybrid seeds in spite of the higher seed costs. The demand for hybrid tomato seeds can open a new market for growers interested in seed production.

Agriculture sector is backbone of the Pakistan’s economy so farmers never stop production of vegetables, so we are also providing the off season vegetables for farmers also in less price because there is a huge demand of fresh vegetables in Pakistan so off season vegetables always matter.

We are providing you the best variety of hybrid seeds which no one can offer for you, also it is on normal price range only in 3500 Rs per pack and the no of seeds in one pack is 1000 . delivery charges not included. The output yield minimum 5 kg and maximum 12 kg per plant. Hybrids are selected to get better the characteristics of the resulting plants, such as better yield, better uniformity, improved color; good seeds always give better yields.  We have an original seeds from Syngenta Company for that the plant height minimum 10 feet up to 15. The seed of hybrid varieties should be procured every year.

We are providing the better quality of seeds available in Pakistan there is no any fault includes our seeds just to make an order and get hundred percent pure seeds from agribusiness Pakistan.
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