Why flowers are so important?

Why flowers are so important?

Why flowers are so important?

Flowers are the true gift of nature and are loved by everyone around the world. I believe they are the true beauty of nature and without them the world would be very much dull and not a very bright place to live in.

They make the gardens blossom and make the world a better place for all of us to live in. Flowers are of different kinds and there hundreds of species of flowers. They are not just the colorful petals possessed things we see but if we get complete knowledge of them, almost all the fruits in the world are flowers in their initial stage. Some of these flowers are used for good purposes and some for not.

Different flowers express different feelings as the red roses are famous for expressing love and the white roses for friendship. Likewise different flowers have different meanings and it is essential for you to know the meaning of flowers. Like if you are sending flowers to your love one in Japan, before you send flowers, you must know the meaning of flowers first.

Flowers are important to everyone on the events of grief as well as events of joy. They are exchanged all around the world on special occasions like mother’s day, father’s day and many other special occasions. Flowers are considered as a symbol of love respect and affection which is the only reason they are used in such vast quantity. When we talk about flowers, it should be known that billions of dollars every day are spent on buying flowers around the world.

On the special occasion of Valentine’s Day or the day of love as it is most commonly known, red roses are a must. Roses are exchanged and given among couples to express their love openly in front of the world and to show affection. It is not just a day for the couples but also for the people who want to show their love to someone and they do it by sending bouquets of red roses, it is just like asking someone out, if the bouquet or the rose is accepted, it means a yes and if it is not accepted, then that’s a bad news which means you have been rejected. But the beauty of this day cannot be expressed in words.

Not only on the days of joy and happiness is this beauty of nature used but on many different occasions of grief are flowers used too. On the sad events of funerals, people send flowers to the family of the departed one to show their love and sympathy towards the family and to show their concern. Not only just when someone dies but also when someone is ill or is in the hospital, people send flowers to show their love and concern, and send them to show their sympathy towards the ill or sick one.

Flowers are not only used for the purpose of sending them to someone, flowers are also used in 70 percent of the medicine which are made around the world. This is an amazing fact but it’s true that flower is used in almost every medicine we use.

Flowers are kept in the gardens to provide beauty to the house; everyone knows how beautiful a lawn looks when covered with beautiful flowers.

So I would conclude saying that flowers are very important due to a lot of factors. I have only mentioned a few of them. What do you think about these factors I have mentioned? Why do you think flowers are important in your life?

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