Agribusiness Pakistan offering tunnel farming services in Pakistan. We have a great tunnel farming team in Pakistan. Tunnel farming business is a very profitable business now a days in Pakistan. You can get off season vegetables in through the years.  If you are investors to start tunnel farming business in Pakistan. Just call us will give you plan to start this business. Now a days in housing society Sell farm houses for organic farming. Where you can grow organic vegetables via tunnel farming and green house farming. Tunnel farming mean poly house to control the temperature. You can get more productions in tunnel farming like you get tomatoes per plant yields 25 kg in tunnel farming. If you compare the tomatoes production in open filed than controlled environments, The per plant yield will be higher than open field crops.


We provide following services in Tunnel farming

  • Provide tunnel farming installation.
  • Tunnel farming to workers.
  • We provide hybrids seeds for tunnel farming.
  • Tunnel farming materials supplies. Like GI pipe Structures, Bamboos, while polythene, mulching sheet.
  • Land management.
  • Nutrients management
  • Drip irrigation system installation in tunnel farming.

For Tunnel farming structure Installation Please call us at
Safdar Abbas
Mobile and Whats app: +92-333-6004072