NARC G1 Garlic Farming

NARC G1 garlic farming is high production garlic crops and more profitable farming in Pakistan.
More production per acre and more profit now a days is very easy from narc g1 garlic farming. If you are interested NARC Garlic G1 farming in Punjab, Sindh, KPK, Kashmir and Baluchistan Pakistan. Our Company will help you in Narc G-1 garlic seeds buying and garlic seeds selling in Pakistan. Our Narc g1 garlic farming expert will help you in authentic and genuine G1 Garlic seeds from authentic farmers in Pakistan. Garlic G1 seed in Pakistan now available, Just call us for Advance G1-Garlic seeds.
How to start NARC G1 garlic Farming in Pakistan:

NARC g1 garlic seed per acre: 600 to 960 kgs dry seeds. (for 42″ bed seeds will used 950 kgs)
Bed size: 16″ or 42″
Sowing seasons: September and October
What is fresh G1 garlic seeds weight loss: 60 to 70%.

How to Buy and Sell NARCG Garlic G-1
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