The most expensive mushroom in the world

The most expensive mushroom in the world, Matsutake mushrooms

The Japanese mushroom named Matsutake is considered the most expensive mushroom in the world, with a price of $500 (139,000 rupees) per 453 grams. Matsutake mushrooms grow in island-like areas such as Korea, China, and also in America, but it is especially valued in Japan, particularly near the city of Kyoto.

The price of imported Matsutake mushrooms can be approximately $50 per pound or even lower, but the Japanese mushroom is priced ten times higher. To distinguish between imported and domestically grown Matsutake mushrooms and to help Japanese buyers, a law has been introduced in Japan, requiring imported mushrooms to be thoroughly washed before consumption due to potential contamination, whereas Japanese mushrooms are naturally fragrant, meaty, and apparently blemished.

This mushroom is highly valued in Japan for its quick aroma, meat-like texture, and unique flavor.

The high price of the mushroom is based on various factors. Firstly, its rarity. There has been a 95% decrease in annual production over the past 70 years, making it scarce.

The cultivation of these mushrooms only happens once a year, either in September or October, and there is still a risk of pests destroying the crop.

Therefore, it is understandable why people pay such high prices for these mushrooms.