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The importance of agribusiness

Agriculture Technologies

Agriculture Technologies

Agribusiness denotes the collective business activities that are performed from farm to fork. It covers the supply of agricultural inputs, the production and transformation of agricultural products and their distribution to final consumers. Agribusiness is one of the main generators of employment and income worldwide.

Agribusiness is characterized by raw materials that are mostly perishable, variable in quality and not regularly available. The sector is subject to stringent regulatory controls on consumer safety, product quality and environmental protection. Traditional production and distribution methods are being replaced by more closely coordinated and better planned linkages between agribusiness firms, farmers, retailers and others in the supply chains.

These are the central issues addressed by FAO’s Agribusiness Development Programme, which advises on policies and strategies to improve agribusiness competitiveness, including fostering better coordination and linkages among business partners. It also produces training materials, in particular for small farmers and for managers of agro-processing enterprises who need technical, managerial and business planning training