CAEP Agribusiness Training Program participants follow a skill building training plan that is based on their previous experience as well as the needs of the hosting organization. Participants who apply for an opportunity in the agriculture market can be offered the opportunity to train at more than one location to learn more about the services involved in moving agricultural products from the farm to the market. Agribusiness Training Program participants can also be involved in planning production, growing and harvesting, grading, packing, transport, storage, food processing, distribution, advertising and the sale of products. Agribusiness Training Program participants may also be involved in the exchange of information involving the budgeting and financing required for successful agricultural operations.

Some of the skills learned on a Agribusiness Training Program may include:

  • Different aspects of marketing
  • Marketing and business communications
  • Understanding of the production process
  • Evaluating purchasing decisions such as equipment and supplies
  • Distribution
  • Retail Sales