Activities & Services

Activities & Services

Activities & Services

Land Resources Development Services


A culturable waste land of approximately 3.924 million acres is available for development in Punjab which is 12.80% of cultivated area. For the purpose of horizontal expansion of land resources, a fleet of 345 bulldozers are available with field wing for the following land development activities;

  • Development of culturable waste land.
  • Improvement of existing cultivated land.
  • Reclamation of eroded and gullied lands.
  • Construction of mini dams, water storage ponds and fish ponds etc.


These bulldozers are provided to the farmers on subsidized rates. In addition to this, the bulldozers are also deployed for desilting of canals, defense works, plugging of canal breaches and rehabilitation of flood affected areas.

Service Acquirement / Procedure
The Agricultural Engineer placed at Divisional level controls the land development operations in their respective Divisions/Area. He is supported by one Assistant Agricultural Engineer (Field) who is responsible for hiring of bulldozer services in respective Districts. Unit Supervisor is also placed at Tehsil / Unit Level.
For acquring services, the farmer / beneficairy must contact concerend District / Unit Office and complete the fomultiites. For hiring of bulldozers, the farmers submit an application on prescribed Proforma to the Assistant Agricultural Engineer or Unit Supervisor who is fully authorized for booking of bulldozer through cash deposit and operation of machinery. A challan Form is prepared by the Officer/Unit Supervisor indicating the charges to be deposited by the applicant and hours of bulldozers booked for the purpose. After depositing money in the Government Treasury/Bank the farmer is eligible to get the bulldozer on his turn. The hire rates of bulldozers are as under;


Nature of Work
Agriculture Work
Rs. 560/- per hour
Non-Agriculture Work
Rs. 1600/- per hour


Transportation Charges @ Rs. 29 per km are in addition to approved hire rates.