Agriculture Equipments In Pakistan

Agriculture Equipments In Pakistan

Agriculture Equipments In Pakistan

Agriculture Equipments In Pakistan

Agriculture Equipments In Pakistan

(A) Land development, leveling and clearing machinery and equipment. 

(i) Laser land leveling equipment;

(ii) Hydraulically driven land leveler/land planer;

(iii)Survey equipment like theodolite;

(iv) Stone collector wind rower, capacity 1.5-2.5 m; and

(v) Bulldozer pulled soil scrapper, capacity 20-25m3.

(B) Tillage and planting equipment.

(i) Para plow-sub-soiler (with vibratory mechanism);

(ii) Rotary tiller/weedier (above 90 HP);

(iii) Flame weedier;

(iv) Vegetable seedling transplants; and

(v) Paddy seeding raising equipment.

(C) Fertilizer, plant protection equipment.

(i) Slurry Spreaders;

(ii) Manure spreader/composite shredder;

(iii) Self propelled sprayers/air assisted sprayers, (excluding manual type sprayers);

(iv) Power knapsack/mist blower sprayers;

(v) Herbicides applicators (with working pressure above 40 psi);

(vi) Granular applicators;

(vii) Spray nozzles assembly; and

(viii) Spray pumps (gear and diaphragm type);

(D) High efficiency irrigation and Drainage equipment.

(i) Sprinkler including high and low pressure (center pivota) system and conventional sprinkler equipment, water reel travelling sprinkler);

(ii) Drip/trickle irrigation equipment/mint irrigation sprinkler system;

(iii) Dredger/excavator/dragline equipment/back hoe trenchers;

(iv) Tile drain laying equipment;

(v) Direct power rotary drilling rigs;

(vi) Tractor mounted rotary ditcher (excluding tractor); and

(vii) Tractor mounted chain trencher (excluding tractor).

(E) Harvesting and threshing machinery 

(i) Combine harvesters;

(ii) Straw balers;

(iii) Food mowers;

(iv) Forage choppers;

(v) Sugarcane harvester;

(vi) Potato digger/harvester;

(vii) Cotton picker;

(viii) Onion and garlic harvester;

(ix) Stock pullers cum shredder;

(x) Flail mower;

(xi) Fodder rakes;

(xii) Forage wagon;

(xiii)Fruit Harvesters;

(xiv) Rotary slusher; and

(xv) Pruner machinery;

(F) Post-harvest handling and processing machinery. 

(i) Mobile/stationary seed processing units;

(ii) Vegetables and fruits cleaning and sorting/grading equipment; and

(iii) Fodder and feed cube maker equipment.

(G) Dairy or livestock machinery/Miscellaneous. 

(i) Milking machines;

(ii) Sheer machinery;

(iii) Slurry digester;

(iv) Solar heating equipment;

(v) Green houses/G.H. equipment; and

(vi) Veterinary equipment.

(H) Seeding and planting equipment. 

(i) Potato planter;

(ii) Rice transplanter;

(iii) Canola/sunflower drill; and

(iv) Sugarcane planter.

(I) Harvesting thrashing and storage equipment. 

(i) Groundnut digger; and

(ii) Sugar Harvester.

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