All Time Mango Plant Farming (Baramashi Mango in Pakistan

Baster mango (baramasi Mangos)

All Season Mango is also known as Baster mango (baramasi) is one of the most loved and consumed varieties of mangoes. They are sourced from South India and known for their unique taste and aromatic flavour pulp. Baramasi Mango is one of the most widely grown varieties in mangoes. It is well known for its sweet fragrance and delicious flavour. The Baramasi mango trees are medium to large in size. They are evergreen with large symmetrically round awning with dark brown bark. It has high levels of fibre-rich in Vitamin C and the pulp with high Vitamin A. There are many varieties of mangoes cultivated in India.

This is all season verities in Pakistan, India and Thailand. Baster Mango give fruit two times in year

It give fruit in December and January and June and August in Pakistan