Arid Agriculture University Pakistan: Nurturing Excellence in Agricultural Education

PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi

A beacon of agricultural education in Pakistan, Arid Agriculture University in Rawalpindi stands tall in nurturing future leaders and innovators. Led by Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem, the university boasts an extensive array of departments, offering a comprehensive educational experience.

1. Department of Agronomy

Embark on a journey of agricultural knowledge with the Department of Agronomy. Learn sustainable farming practices, crop management, and cutting-edge techniques to thrive in arid environments.

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Unveiling the Visionary Leadership: Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem spearheads Arid Agriculture University towards academic excellence and innovation.

2. Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics

Delve into the world of genetic enhancement and plant breeding. Discover how this department contributes to advancing agriculture through the development of resilient and high-yielding crops.

3. Department of Plant Pathology

Unearth the secrets of plant diseases and their management. Explore the Department of Plant Pathology’s role in safeguarding crops and ensuring food security.

4. Department of Entomology

Get acquainted with the fascinating realm of insects and their impact on agriculture. The Department of Entomology equips students to tackle pest-related challenges effectively.

5. Department of Horticulture

Immerse yourself in the art and science of cultivating fruits, vegetables, and ornamental plants. The Department of Horticulture nurtures skills in sustainable horticultural practices.

6. Department of Agricultural Extension

Understand the vital role of extension services in disseminating agricultural knowledge to communities. This department bridges the gap between academia and farmers.

7. Department of Forestry & Range Management

Explore the significance of sustainable forestry and range management. This department plays a crucial role in preserving ecosystems and promoting biodiversity.

8. Department under FV&AS

Navigate through diverse departments under the Faculty of Veterinary & Animal Sciences, each contributing uniquely to the field.

9. Department of Livestock Production & Management

Gain insights into efficient livestock farming techniques and management practices. This department ensures the welfare and productivity of livestock.

10. Department of Poultry Science

Discover the intricacies of poultry farming, from production to disease management. This department plays a pivotal role in sustaining the poultry industry.

11. Department of Veterinary Biomedical Sciences

Explore the intersection of veterinary medicine and biomedical sciences. This department contributes to advancements in animal health and disease research.

12. Department of Parasitology & Microbiology

Unravel the world of parasites and microorganisms affecting animals. This department equips students to address challenges in parasitology and microbiology.

13. Department of Clinical Studies

Witness the application of clinical knowledge in veterinary practice. This department prepares future veterinarians for real-world scenarios.

14. Department of Veterinary Pathology

Explore the pathology of diseases affecting animals. This department plays a crucial role in diagnosing and understanding animal illnesses.

15. Department of Animal Breeding & Genetics

Delve into the principles of animal genetics and breeding. This department contributes to improving the quality and genetics of livestock.

16. Departments of FS

Discover diverse fields of study under the Faculty of Sciences, offering a broad spectrum of scientific knowledge.

17. Department of Botany

Unearth the wonders of plant biology. The Department of Botany explores plant structure, function, and ecological roles.

18. Department of Zoology, Wildlife & Fisheries

Dive into the world of animals and aquatic ecosystems. This department fosters an understanding of zoology, wildlife, and fisheries management.

19. Department of Mathematics

Grasp the importance of mathematics in scientific research and problem-solving. The Department of Mathematics enhances analytical and quantitative skills.

20. Department of Biology

Explore the intricate world of living organisms. The Department of Biology covers diverse aspects of biological sciences.

21. Department of Chemistry

Unlock the secrets of matter and chemical reactions. The Department of Chemistry equips students with a profound understanding of chemical principles.

22. Department of Physics

Embark on a journey through the fundamental laws governing the universe. The Department of Physics explores the realms of energy, matter, and space.

23. Department of Statistics

Master the art of data analysis and interpretation. The Department of Statistics plays a pivotal role in scientific research and decision-making.

24. Department of Biology

Delve deeper into the study of biology, focusing on specialized areas within this dynamic field.

25. Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Explore the interdisciplinary fields of biochemistry and biotechnology. Uncover the pivotal role these disciplines play in modern agriculture.

26. Information Technology

Understand the integration of technology in agriculture. The Information Technology department contributes to the digitization of agricultural practices.

27. Geo-Information & Earth Observation

Explore the applications of geospatial technology in agriculture. This department leverages satellite data for informed decision-making.

28. Institute of Hydroponic Agriculture (IHA)

Witness the future of agriculture with hydroponics. The Institute of Hydroponic Agriculture pioneers soil-less farming techniques.

29. Institute of Food and Nutritional Sciences

Understand the science behind food and nutrition. This institute contributes to research and education in ensuring food quality and nutrition.

30. Livestock Breeding Genetics & Genomics

Explore cutting-edge advancements in livestock genetics and genomics. This department plays a crucial role in enhancing animal breeding practices.

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