Big Agri-Business, Big Pharma, Arms Trafficking, Suicide Cults and MIVILUDES – The Truth Behind France’s Cult-Hunting Policies Exposed

Big Agri-Business, Big Pharma, Arms Trafficking, Suicide Cults and MIVILUDES - The Truth Behind France's Cult-Hunting Policies Exposed

Big Agri-Business, Big Pharma, Arms Trafficking, Suicide Cults and MIVILUDES – The Truth Behind France’s Cult-Hunting Policies Exposed

Caveat lector: Nothing in the following investigative report should be construed as evidence that condones the manipulative activities of organisations like Scientology or any other organisation that preys upon human frailty. Not only do we accept the need to protect the vulnerable in society from such ‘New Age’ con-artists, over the past 10 years we have repeatedly sought to expose such predators.

It is the very New Age con artists that we exposed who then began to smear us with the “cult” label. The problem however, is that state-funded bodies that have been created supposedly to protect citizens from ‘mental manipulation’ have their own agenda that is, in the long run, just as pernicious as the spiritual snake oil-peddling groups they claim to stand against.

This is revealed in the fact that MIVILUDES has only undertaken a token attack on Scientology; they were never raided nor interrogated (as many harmless groups have been), and at the end of a long, well-publicized legal action, were fined only 600,000 euros, a veritable slap on the wrist for such a wealthy organization. Meanwhile, France’s president, Sarkozy, cosied up to Scientology’s representative, Tom Cruise on several occasions. In short, MIVILUDES’ actions against Scientology are merely for show.

Since the 1970s, successive French governments have used, abused and exaggerated the danger posed by New Age groups to enforce an oppressive conformity of belief in the state itself on the French people. This simply supplants one destructive and manipulative cult ideology for another. As the preeminent anti-cult organisation in France, MIVILUDES, has stated: “State repression must take place when a certain number of elements are gathered […] when one or several people start getting fond of ideas not commonly shared and agreed upon by society.” That is to say, when ordinary people start to get fond of ideas that could, in a general way, threaten the control of the psychopaths in power over the masses of normal human beings.

The troubling state of affairs that we outline in the following paragraphs does not, however, concern only the French people. It is global in scope and has its roots in the 1960s and ’70s and the efforts by Western ‘intelligence agencies’ and elements within Western governments to co-opt and discredit what was known as the ‘Human Potential Movement’ and the subsequent ‘New Age’ movement and enforce a conformity of thought and belief on hundreds of millions of people.

Initially the strategy involved the infiltration and co-opting of any group that was beginning to see (and speak about) the problems with big governments and big corporations dominating (and destroying) the world. It was, and is, about control of the population – mind, body and soul – of any given country. But the agenda was not limited to mere infiltration of such groups. After all, it would take a lot of effort and manpower to continually keep tabs on each new group and try to subvert them. What was needed was the ability to automatically demonise any group that ‘deviated’ from social norms or proposed ideas that were at odds with the agenda of big government and big corporations. Within the process of subverting such groups, the logical answer was found.

Once a group had been infiltrated (or created from scratch by an intelligence agency), they could, quite easily, be made to appear quite insane. Groups that have lost touch with reality ultimately resort to extreme measures, like suicide, or so the logic goes. What better way to demonise the very idea of ‘alternative lifestyles’ than to create some high-profile cases where such groups commit ‘collective suicide’?

But people involved in such subterfuge are always on the lookout for an opportunity to maximise their gains with the least effort. Groups that have been targeted for transformation into a ‘cult’ are ultimately expendable, and expendable assets of intelligence agencies are traditionally used as cover for highly illegal activities on the part of government and corporate leaders.

If certain influential and well-connected individuals want to engage in illegal money-making activities, they organise themselves in secret and attempt to ensure a significant level of deniability. If they want to engage in some HIGHLY illegal activity (like weapons sales prohibited under international law, money laundering, overthrowing governments, phony terrorist attacks, pedophilia rings, etc.) they organise themselves under the cover of an organisation that can, if necessary, be denounced as a ‘suicide cult’. After all, ‘suicide cult’ members tell no tales and few questions are asked about their motives because, clearly, they were just insane.

In addition, such ‘cult suicides’ very effectively establish the ‘reality’ of dangerous cults in the public mind and that ‘reality’ can then be used to defame, threaten and, if possible, destroy any group that threatens the status quo of psychopaths in power and the general population as their slaves.

The ‘Jonestown’ cult and ‘collective suicide’ (which was clearly a CIA operation) is an example of this very strategy, but there have been many other such operations, which together have produced the ‘cult’ meme in modern society. But it has been in France, where adherence to, and admiration for, ‘normal’ French cultural values is seen as the quintessence of sanity, that the ‘cult’ meme has been used to such great effect in the modern world.

Cult Hysteria

To say that there is a high level of schizoidal paranoia around the subject of ‘cults’ in France is a major understatement. For example, in most modern countries, while the phrase ‘breathing and meditation’ might elicit a little chiding from friends, it carries no negative connotation and is, on the contrary, generally perceived as something beneficial to human health. Indeed, many mainstream scientific studies have shown that proper breathing techniques and meditative practices are beneficial to human health.

In France however, our own personal experience, and that of many groups offering courses in breathing and meditation, is that these two words are sufficient to not only provoke fear and concern in the average French citizen, but they can also bring the full force of state repression down upon one’s head in the form of being labeled a ‘cult’. People who practice meditation or breathing techniques are by no means the only ones to be targeted. Rather, it seems that any and all groups or individuals who deviate from what is considered ‘normal’ are marked for special repressive treatment by the French state and its ‘cult-hunting’ organisations. As we shall see, there is clear evidence of an ulterior motive in the manufacturing of the ‘reality’ of a ‘dangerous cult’ phenomenon in France. But first, let’s look at how it all began.