Combine + grain cart = Tribine

Combine + grain cart = Tribine
Combine + grain cart = Tribine

Combine + grain cart = Tribine

Combine + grain cart = Tribine

The introduction of the grain cart forever changed harvesting operations across the country. Ben Dillon, an Indiana farmer, is attempting to uproot again the traditional harvesting operation by introducing the Tribine.

The Tribine unites the two historic functions of the combine (the binder and the stationary threshing machine) with a third function: the grain cart.

Concept prototype

While the Tribine is currently only a prototype, Dillon sees great potential in the concept.

“The advantage of the Tribine is it generates return on investment,” says Dillon. “The Tribine reduces capital costs, because, in many cases, you do not have to purchase a grain cart and a 200-hp. tractor to pull it. It reduces operating costs, because you don’t need to have an operator or put diesel fuel in the tractor. Because only two tracks per pass are generated, there’s reduced compaction compared to a grain cart chasing a combine around.”

Dillon showcased the Tribine for the first time at the 2013 Ag Connect Expo and Summit. Ag Connect is a biennial event that offers a preview of what’s to come in agriculture through new technologies and advanced practices. Despite the size of the machine, it was difficult to see around the crowds that swarmed to the new contraption. Dillon says the interest in the combine was “fantastic.”

Minimize compaction

By eliminating the tractor and the grain cart from the harvesting operation, you can cut down on the number of tracks going through your fields.

The Tribine also uses full-time four-wheel drive and automatic load-sharing symmetrical axles, tires, and power to help put more power to the ground while still minimizing soil compaction.

Grain capacity

The grain tank holds 1,000 bushels and can unload 500 bushels per minute – that means it would take you just two minutes to unload. In addition to a quick unloading rate, the Tribine has a 22-inch controllable extended auger to make field unloading easier.

Compound steering

The Tribine has compound steering articulation plus a pivoting rear axle. The machine also has crab steering capability. These steering features are designed to give the Tribine increased maneuverability despite the large size of the machine.

Increase productivity

Dillon says the Tribine is designed to help you be more productive and to reduce harvesting capital costs. The Tribine does this by eliminating the need for a grain cart and tractor, which reduces fuel and labor costs.

The Tribine comes equipped with multiple cameras and in-cab electronic unloading assistance. These standard features make unloading easier.