Dairy Cattle

Dairy Cattle

We are official exclusive Sales, Distribution and Pre & Post Cattle Sales Farm Services Partners of Australian Rural Exports (AUSTREX) in Pakistan. DairyCare Pakistan is providing complete services including animal selection, dairy animal import, dairy animal logistics, and services to handle dairy animals at farm for existing and potential dairy & livestock farmers. Whether you are starting, or expanding your dairy & livestock farm, making the right dairy breeding animal choice is one of the key factors that you face. In partnership with AUSTREX, DairyCare Pakistan is providing complete guidance and advisory services to facilitate your animal buying process. We have the expertise, experience and connections to make it easily possible for you to buy the best animal that is suitable to your farming needs and budgets.

Our complete animal buying solution in partnership with Australian Rural Exports (AUSTREX) will make the whole process convenient and easy for you, we will oversee the animal buying procedure on your behalf from animal selection to shipping and handling, and you will concentrate on your farm with peace of mind.

Austrex has successfully exported Dairy cattle to various destinations around the world. The Australian Dairy industry is based on year round extensive pasture based grazing systems rather than intensive feedlot type production systems. Australia’s production systems allow Austrex to select dairy cattle based on their environmental adaptability for various export markets. Victoria accounts for over 60% of Australia milk production in Australia with the other states having smaller but viable dairy industries.

Australian dairy cattle are highly sought after in markets such as China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam and Pakistan. This trade is rapidly growing and makes up a large part of our business. Australian dairy cattle are in high demand internationally as they are noted for their adaptability, hardiness, good milk production and competitive pricing. Upon request we supply a range of supporting documentation with our dairy cattle shipments, including herd milk production data, individual dam production data, individual pedigree history, and registration certification from the relevant breed society.

Holstein Friesian, Jersey & Holstein Friesian-Jersey Cross

There are two main breeds that are readily available in Australia in commercial numbers, they are Holstein Friesian and Jersey. The Holstein Friesian-Jersey Cross is also available and is very popular throughout Asia because of its adaptability to the tropical climate. Other dairy breeds are available but in smaller numbers. We supply yearling heifers, pregnant heifers and dairy bulls.

Austrex Pioneer Dairy Cattle Exporters to Pakistan

Austrex is one of the leading pioneer exporters of dairy cattle to Pakistani dairy farms. Austrex cattle and their daughters are successfully producing lot of milk for Pakistani dairy farms and helping them in earning profits. Austrex cattle are best acclimatized at high temperatures in Pakistan and are best recommended and suited for hot and humid Pakistani weather. Austrex cattle are known for their longevity and productive life at farms.