DCO orders food quality control

DCO orders food quality control

DCOordersfoodqualitycontrol_4235DCO orders food quality control

LAHORE – DCO Lahore Ahad Khan has directed to check the premises of 38 marriage halls, whereas food samples of 65 different restaurants and food companies have been sent to laboratories for inspection by District Food Inspector Dr Masood Ashraf.
Challans for substandard food items will be presented in courts for hearing, while 13 premises have been issued corrective measure notifications. 


Nawaz makes plans public to try Musharraf for treason

. Take note: ‘PTI chicken’ … .

MQM-linked man arrested in Imran Farooq murder case

Mohammad Akramet u
At last British Police got hold of a man who could be a best lead and will assist to reach to the murderer or all those were involved in this killing. Let us see what transpires

Arrested man confesses to PTI MPA’s murder

. And if you ever wanted confession from a chosen … .

Legal experts advise caution on Article 6

Rev.Dr.Dominic Javed
Dear countrymen and friends, It is very interesting that there is only one person ‘PERVAIZ MUSHARAF ‘ who falls in this article, if we have to obey this rule why not all those falls in this Article. Let start with all persons,including PM and all related persons.

Edhi’s kidneys have stopped functioning: doctor

Zeynab Muzzafar via Facebook
I’m devastated to read this. I am hoping this news is incorrect. He is the only great and wonderful person in Pakistan, and probably in the world at the moment. Truly selfless, personification of compassion and so firmly grounded in his remarkable aspirations. Ya Allah, please grant him health and the best in both the worlds. Ameen, ameen.

MQM-linked man arrested in Imran Farooq murder case