Export Procedures For Horticulture Products and Commodities

Export Procedures For Horticulture Products and Commodities

Export Procedures For Horticulture Products and Commodities

July 31-2013

Export Procedures For Horticulture Products and Commodities

Export Procedures For Horticulture Products and Commodities

Brief Introduction:
Agribusiness Support Fund (ASF) has been awarded a mandate by the USAID to implement a 5-year project called “USAID’s Agribusiness Project” in Pakistan. Under this project ASF shall sponsor a number of activities with an objective to generate employment, economic growth and alleviate poverty. 

Under the Technical Assistance component of the project, ASF shall organize/sponsor various capacity building programs with the technical collaboration of national and international partners. The overall aim will be to build the capacity of relevant stakeholders of selected value chains enabling them to play an active role in the development of agribusiness sector.

About the Training:
In Pakistan different types of fruits and vegetables are produced and a great potential of export do exist if these products are produced according to the needs & standards of international markets. There are exporters across the country who are involved in export of horticultural products to specific international markets and facing problems in export and ultimately do not meet the desired export targets. Similarly there are potential investors in Pakistan and especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province who are interested in export of horticultural products but could not get motivated; because of lack of basic knowledge, export procedures, techniques, information, documentation and linkages etc. Therefore, in this regard ASF has organized the training in collaboration with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Agriculture University Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The proposed training intends to target existing exporters and investors who want to become winning exporters. The training provides opportunity to participants to overcome their problems by getting basic knowledge on export compliances and procedures, and to upscale their understanding. This training also provides opportunity to potential investors to know how to export, when to export and which products to which international markets keeping in view the principals of market mix.

Who should attend:
Existing Exporters, Farmers, Processors, Marketing Executives, Traders, Commission Agents/Middleman, Goods Forwarding Agents, Logisticians, Cold Stores Operators, Investors and Business Development Services Providers involved in Exports of Horticulture Products or intend to become an exporter and any other relevant stakeholder could be beneficiaries of this training. The applicant must be residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, female are encouraged to apply. 


  • Participants’ understanding on formalities and procedures for export of horticulture products and commodities.
  • Action plan of each of the participants with follow-up strategy for UAP.
  • Exposure of participants to the institutions and gateways involved in export process.
  • Understanding on identification of export markets and their respective commodities.
  • Linkages strengthened and resources identified.
  • All participants will receive a certificate of attendance on the last day.

Financial Assistance:
USAID’s Agribusiness Project will provide financial assistance to all selected participants as per the following details:

  • Training fee and material cost will be paid in full by UAP.
  • Travel allowance will be paid according to ASF policy.
  • Reasonable accommodation for 5 nights will be provided free of cost.
  • All other costs will be borne by the applicants.

Registration & Processing Fee (non-refundable):
Applicants are required to pay in advance, a non-refundable registration & processing fee of Rs. 3,000/- in shape of demand draft/pay order (cheques not acceptable), drawn in favor of ‘Agribusiness Support Fund’ payable at Lahore. Demand drafts/pay orders of applicants NOT selected for the Training will be returned to them immediately.

Training Details:

Training Title: Export Procedures For Horticulture Products/Commodities
1st to 05th October, 2012 (five days), the participants need to be arrived Peshawar on the evening of 30th Sep 2012.
Agricultural University Peshawar Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
9:00 am to 5:00 pm.
Available Seats:
25 suitable applicants will be selected.
Application Deadline:
24th Sep 2012.

General Terms & Conditions:

  • Limited seats are available and selection of participants will be subject to meeting certain criterion.
  • The applicant will follow the guidelines provided and other formalities desired by UAP/ASF.
  • USAID and UAP/ASF will not accept any risk, liability whatsoever that may arise during the training and field visit.
  • Travel allowance will be paid according to ASF policy, reasonable accommodation and food will be provided during the training; while no other claim will be entertained.
  • Incomplete and applications without demand draft will not be entertained.
  • Once selected for the program, request for refund of registration & processing fee by the applicants will not be entertained.
  • ASF reserves the right to reject any application without disclosing any reason and the decision will be incontestable.
  • A person applying for the training program will be assumed to have read, understood and agreed with the information provided in this document.