Fruit, rice exporters hope new govt to formulate friendly policies

Fruit, rice exporters hope new govt to formulate friendly policies

Fruit, rice exporters hope new govt to formulate friendly policies

 KARACHI: Fruit and rice exporters have expressed the optimism the newly government elect would formulate policies, which would pave way for enhancing country’s export to substantial level.

This step would ultimately result in sustainable economic recovery the country badly needed at this crucial juncture of its history.

Waheed Ahmad President All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association (PFVA) while congratulating Pakistan Muslim League PML (N) on its clear majority in the lower house of parliament hoped this victory would result in sustainable economic recovery of the country.

For the last many years, the country is lagging far behind in trade and export field mainly on account of unsustainable and ill-directed policies resulting in stagnation of fruit and vegetable exports.

If the new government focuses on horticulture sector for next 3 to 4 years, this sector has the potential to boost existing $500 million export to more than $5 billion level a year.

In this regard Research and Development (R&D) sector is most vital for enhancing existing fruit and vegetable yield to substantial level as the current annual produce has been showing constant decline on account of host of factors.

Unless new varieties of fruit and vegetables are not introduced through rigorous efforts by the scientists, which would help improving existing standard of exporting material, the decline in both sectors exports would continue haunting the national economy.

More than 50 percent of national economy is agriculture based and any neglect in this regard can spell critical consequences for the economy of the country.

Referring to significance of value addition, he said it could also substantially boost demand of Pakistani fruits and vegetables across the globe.

Rice Exporters Association (REAP) Chairman Jawaid Ghouri in his reaction urged the newly elected leadership of PML (N) to ensure special measures not only to push rice exports of the country but to restore overall economic activities of the country facing decay for the last many years.

He said during the last many years, rice exports have emerged as major revenue earning sector of the country, which ranges around $2 billion but to sustain this ambitious goal appears to be a monumental task, which acutely requires government help.

Exploring new markets across the globe for enhancing rice export also requires official help which can be achieved through strong coordination and enhanced working between Trade development Association of Pakistan (TDAP) and REAP.