Improve The Production In AGRICULTURE

Improve The Production AGRICULTURE

Improve The Production In AGRICULTURE

Pertinent to Agriculture Sector Development we all know that enabling environment is a prerequisite for boosting productivity, for which FINCON has mediated through one of its division AGRICON.

Globally, the relative significance of farming has dropped steadily since the beginning of industrialization, and in 2003 – for the first time in history – the services sector overtook agriculture as the economic sector employing the most people worldwide. Despite the fact that agriculture employs over one-third of the world’s population, agricultural production accounts for less than five percent of the gross world product (an aggregate of all gross domestic products).

However, agriculture can continue to be an engine for economic growth in developing countries like Pakistan. Particularly because Pakistan needs to increase its food production in absolute terms to meet a growing population, and because it needs to grow nutritious and higher quality foods, as middle- class Pakistanis are concerned about better quality food as and their own health.

FINCON possesses a uniquely qualified team of experienced agriculture experts with a proven performance record of worldwide consulting through its Agriculture sector support division, AGRICON. We have extensive experience with the public sector and donor funded projects (ADB, FOA, UNDP, IFAD, EC, WHO) related to Livestock & Dairy Management, Food Security and agriculture sector.