JMB Exporters is one of the largest exporter of Citrus Export. We have a record of 19000 Metric Ton back in 2004.

Pakistan has several varieties of Citrus Fruit, in addition to the popularity known as Kinnow (a Variety of Mandarin of easy peel) all of which may interest importers in Asia and Europe. We have four Products of Citrus.

Citrus Exporters Pakistan | JMB Exporters

Citrus Exporters Pakistan | JMB Exporters


Following are the main commercial varieties of Citrus Grown in Pakistan.

Sweet Orange: Succri,. Mausami, Washington Navel, Jaffa, Red Blood, Ruby Red and
Valencia Late.
Mandarines: Feutrells Early and Kinnow
Grape Fruit: Mash Seedless, Duncan, Foster and Shamber
Lemon: Eureka, Lisbon Lemon and rough Lemon
Lime: Kaghzi Lime and Sweet Lime


Kinnow is rightly called the king of all the varieties of easy peelers and excels the best varieties of the world. The export figures for these fruits are increasing every year with leaps and bounds. in Year 2004 Kinnow exported from Pakistan was about 0.15 millions tons. Its juice contest is between 44% to 47.5% which is the highest for all easy peelers varieties. The sugar content is 12 – 13% and each 100ml of Kinnow contains 20-25 mg of Vitamins-C.


The connoisseur would know that most varieties of the Citrus fruit originated in Asia in the foothills of the Himalayas. It was at one time a luxury grown and is known as sweet orange.

It is available from December 15 to January 15.


Malta, which has a lovely sour taste but not fall in the easy peel variety.

It is Available during the period from November to February.


It is a small size fruit and easy to peel. It is popular in Pakistan but export potential has not been exported so.