Poultry Business

Poultry Business

Science and technology have made for great expansion of the poultry industry in recent years. Current world average expansion of egg production is 3 to 4 % annually. Most nutrition programs can be improved by the inclusion of eggs and / or poultry meat. Poultry products are of the highest nutritional quality.

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Pakistan Poultry Association has issued the Daily rates of chicken, chicken meat and eggs. 

Poultry Feed: Poultry feeding is one of the important aspect of poultry science.The consumption of poultry feed increased with their ages. The higher cost of poultry feed is mainly due to the increase in the price of the various ingredients

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Pre-Feasibility Study Layer Farm 5000 Birds: 

Layer farm business is an agro-based project. This can be started in both rural and semi-urban areas. According to the current industry practice, poultry sheds are available on rent basis. These sheds have complete required facilities and equipment.

 Layer Farm Introduction: Layer farming is a profitable business as the produce of the farm provides high quality animal protein which is daily requirement of the human body. Animal Protein is more valuable than that of plant protein.

Layer Marketing: Layer starts giving eggs at the age of 15 weeks. Usually, layer farm is recommended
to start in the month of February or March. The layer is ready to lay eggs in July/August. The demand for eggs is increased during the winter season and, as a result of that, the prices of eggs are also increased.

Layer Farm Management: Purchase of Day Old Chicks, Brooding, Feeding, Housing, Feeders, Lighting, Drinkers, Litter, Vaccination, Fumigation & Spraying, Culling, Rearing and Laying Schedule,

Farm Equipment: Various types of farm equipment are needed for feeding, drinking and handling the

Farm Land & Building: It is recommended that the proposed project should be started in a rented shed. This option will help us to save on the capital cost required for constructing new sheds. Normally, these sheds are located along the roadsides around the cities and rural areas.

Layer Farm Space Requirement: Shed Space, Brooding Space, Chicken Per Bird Space

Suitable Locations: Sub-urban and rural areas around the major cities of the country are recommended
for starting a layer farm. Setting up a farm at an isolated place will minimize the risk of disease.

Infrastructure Requirements: Road, Electricity, Water, Drainage of rain water

Layer Farm Key Success Factors:

  • Professional farm management is the key success factor to increase the birds productivity. The farm labor should be experienced enough to look after the biological/disease matters of the farm. Timely feeding and vaccination is only possible if some person is available at the farm 24 hours a day.
  • Market Information Sale price of eggs fluctuates during a year. Generally, the sale price of eggs is lower in summer season and higher in winter season. The entrepreneur should be well aware of this price fluctuation. This will help the entrepreneur to negotiate well the sale price of eggs.
  • Vaccination and Medication Mortality is the most critical component in determining the viability of a Layer farm. Some times the epidemic diseases results in heavy mortality of up to 25%. Proper
    vaccination and medication is very helpful to reduce the mortality loss up to 5%.


  • Price fluctuations in the market Egg prices are determined by supply and demand phenomenon in the market. The prices of eggs go up in winter season as the demand is increased.
  • Disease Mortality is the most alarming threat to the viability of the farm.
  • Shelf life Egg is a perishable commodity and cannot be stored for a long time at the room temperature. It needs to be either sold within short time or has to be stored at a cool temperature.

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