Punjab AgriMarketing Company

Punjab AgriMarketing Company

Punjab AgriMarketing Company

PAMCO’s formation is the recognition of the potential that exists in the Agribusiness sector of the largest province of Pakistan, Punjab. It is also a result of the changing investment climate of the country, wherein the private sector is leading the growth in the economy. PAMCO, is then a public sector initiative with private corporate sector dimension. 

The organization is focusing on attracting the private sector, both nationally and internationally to invest in the virgin sectors like dairy, horticulture, poultry, livestock, fisheries and floriculture. These sectors produce perishable products which are subject to large scale post harvest losses. The world recognizes the quality and variety of our produce, but cannot enjoy it due to supply side constraints. PAMCO is mandated to join hands with the private sector to create lucrative investment opportunities and in removing supply side bottlenecks.



PAMCO’s establishment is a culmination of numerous studies carried out by experts highlighting that 30% to 40% of Punjab’s perishable agricultural produce goes to waste. PAMCO has been formed to address this issue and has been given a clear mandate to do whatever is necessary for reducing wastage in commodities like:

·         Fruits and Vegetables

·         Poultry

·         Fish

·         Dairy

·         Livestock

·         Floriculture

While there are many factors responsible for the wastage of our perishable commodities the main culprits are:

·         Inadequate cold storage facilities
·         Lack of refrigerated transportation
·         Virtually no value-added processing of raw produce
·         Unreliable and out-of-date market information

PAMCO is very clear about its objectives and the fact that they can only be achieved through the involvement of the private sector. To encourage private sector investment in its priority projects, PAMCO intend to invest more than Rs 1 billion in conjunction with the private sector.