Total Pest Control Services

Total Pest Control Services

Total Pest Control Services

¯ History:
It is a long way (over two decades) before it reaches you so, be sure of its very high Quality and Warrantee. Regarding our service, we can provide the ultimate solution of your pest problem with over 20 years of experience in product and quality assurance.

„¯ Services:
After serving a large number of corporate clients and thousands of individuals we offer you the most reliable alternate to the existing organizations. A wide range of products and services are available to meet the challenges of the new era.

General Fumigation
(Hotels & Domestic) Pest Control Consultation
Rodent Control Agricultural Advisory Service
Lawn & Garden Treatment Farmers Fields Inspections
Termite Proofing Treatment Under Construction Site Survey
Water Tank Cleaning All Other allied services
& Fumigation of Export Consignments of Plants & Plant Materials

„¯ Environment Friendly:
Total Pest Control¡¦s management and workers select to use Environment Friendly Products, which are used safely in residential, Commercial, industrial areas. We check that the product must be registered with EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). For further safety, wearing/using of Respirators, Gloves, Goggles Helmets etc are also practiced.

„¯ Marketing Team:
A professional organization must have a team of officers / workers professionally sound. That¡¦s why we have a group of qualified and well-experienced persons. Like:
Entomologist, Plant pathologist and Marketing experts.

„¯ Progress:

As discussed above, we served a large number of corporate clients and thousands of individuals.
To meet the said target we always focus on assuring the quality with guarantee.

Our potential strength is our workers skills behind this company, who works to access the target, which is hidden, and causing problem to our valued customer.
A wide range of our valued clients is comprises of most renowned fields like:
Five Star Hotels and Restaurants Godowns / Ware HousesFinancial Institutes Well Organized Hospitals and ClinicsFactories / Production Houses, Educational Organizations
Food Processing Areas / Factories.Government Organizations.Gymnasiums / Clubs.
Pharmaceutical Companies, Bungalows /Offices / Shops / Commercial Areas.Houses and Apartments. „±Constructed building / Under Construction Plots.

„¯ Safety:
The whole word is seriously considering protecting the new generation from forthcoming diseases and their causes. Therefor how we can ignore this hot issue. Our all operations are based on the authentic principal SAFETY FIRST.

Before onset of any type of treatment / service, starting from selection of material upto the end of service, we consider all necessary measure to be adopted to avoid any accident. We put all the safety aspects before our working team and they are well equipped with almost all types of measure to adapt the safety.

„¯ Equipment and Tools:
Like a good professional organization we are fully equipped with all latest equipment and tool to get maximum result of our efforts. The basic requirements for the services are enumerated as under.

1. Thermal Foggers 5. Fuel Operated Knapsack Sprayers
2. Electric Foggers 6. Trolley mounted Sprayers
3. Compression Sprayers 7. Hydraulic Drill Machines
4. Manual Knapsack Sprayers 8. Gel Application Guns etc