Vegetable prices register marked increase last week in Pakistan

Vegetables Prices in Pakistan

Increase in prices of vegetable and other important kitchen items, like pulses, sugar, flour, was witnessed during last week. A visit to local markets revealed that prices of vegetable have gone up by up to 90 percent in retail market, which is beyond the purchasing power of poverty-stricken masses. Consumers complained that authorities didn’t take prompt action to check the rising prices of the commodities.

There was a marked increase in price of garlic and ginger which are being traded at Rs 280 and 120 per kg, respectively.
It was observed during the visit that prices of pulses remained unchanged as compared to previous week.
It was witnessed that good quality rice is being sold at Rs 110 per kilogram, Dal green at Rs 140 per kg, and red bean is being sold at Rs 110 per kilogram.

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