Vermeer – 7040 – 3-Point Disc Mower

Vermeer - 7040 - 3-Point Disc Mower
Vermeer - 7040 - 3-Point Disc Mower

Vermeer – 7040 – 3-Point Disc Mower

Vermeer – 7040 – 3-Point Disc Mower

The Vermeer 7040 disc mower delivers high performance with minimal maintenance. Exclusive bi-shaft design provides each disc with its own set of gears, bearings and lubricants – and the gears stay in the grease, even when mowing at angles. Extra wide skid shoes eliminate pinch points to protect against rock damage and simplify blade replacement. Seven discs mow a width of 9’2’/2.8 m with each pass.

Features and Benefits

  • Cut close and clean with a tapered, low profile cutter bar that produces excellent, streak-free results.
  • Mow up against fences because the outer bar support allows closer cutting
  • Replace blades in seconds using the exclusive Quick-Clip™ Blade Retention System.
  • See your Vermeer dealer for comprehensive service and genuine Vermeer replacement parts.

M7040 Disc mowers

Oftentimes, it’s pretty easy to overlook the little differences in the performance and reliability of a standard 3-point disc mower. But when you experience better results, more reliability and fewer maintenance issues with Vermeer disc mowers, it can make a big difference in the end.

Start with the frame and you’ll find a more compact design with strong reinforced outer bar support on the end. This allows you to cut much closer to fences as opposed to other designs. Tapered low-profile cutter bars give you great cutting action, reduce the chance of streaking and improve performance across a wide variety of crops and conditions.

Time to change blades or conduct a little maintenance? Check out the access you have with front and rear folding panels. Also, make sure you take a close look at the heavier cutting discs and super-sized skid shoes. And when you do, you’ll end up with a reliable, quality-built disc mower that gets the job done, even when you encounter a heavy dose of high-moisture crops or tough ground.

Vermeer - 7040 - 3-Point Disc Mower

Vermeer – 7040 – 3-Point Disc Mower

  1. Superior cutter bar protection! Extra wide skid shoes, made from hardened steel, eliminate potential pinch points between the cutting discs, protect against damaging rocks and extend the life of the mower. “Austemper” heat-treated blades are shatter-resistant and reversible. Compare the difference in thickness and quality of the Vermeer cutting blade versus other mowers on the market.
  2. Tapered, low-profile cutter bar for close, clean cutting. Reduces streaking and improves performance across a wide variety of crops and conditions. Heavy-duty cutting discs maximize machine life, especially in tough, rocky cutting conditions.
  3. Self-contained cutting discs come pre-packed with their own set of gears, bearings and lubricant for longer operating life. Even at extreme working angles, grease continues to lubricate the gears and won’t flow to the lower side of the bar.