What are Agricultural Extension Services?

What are Agricultural Extension Services?

What are Agricultural Extension Services?

Agricultural extension services are public and private sector activities relating to technology transfer, education, attitude change, human resource development, and dissemination and collection of information. Agricultural extension services bring to the farming community information and new technologies, that can be adopted to improve production, incomes and standards of living.

Can I apply for a grant to acquire fixed asset?
No, ASF Grant does not cover the Equipment/Capital Expenditure, except for purchase of software.

How much grant amount I can apply for?
Under normal circumstances, a maximum limit of Rs.1,500,000 will apply to all grants (effectively equivalent to a total service cost of Rs.3,000,000). A single grant recipient can apply for more than one grant under special circumstances. Demand-driven research and private sector extension services providers may apply for higher amounts. 

Where can I submit grant application?
Grant Application can be directly submitted on prescribed format to Agribusiness Support Fund, Head Office,144,CCA,Defence Housing Authority, Lahore or the participating organizations. The Prescribed Grant Application Form can be obtained from the same offices as mentioned above or can be downloaded from our web site. 

Do I have to deposit any security deposit alongwith application?
Yes, a refundable security deposit of Rs.10,000/- is required to be submitted alongwith all grant applications. Farmer Groups will be required to deposit Rs. 5,000/- as security deposit.

The payment can be made through crossed Cheque/Pay Order/ Demand Draft favoring “Agribusiness Support Fund”. Applications received with out security deposit will not be entertained.

For all the instruments payable outside Lahore, the refund of security deposit will be made net of bank charges. The security deposit will be forfeited if applicant fails to complete the activities for which the grant was provided.